Zsigmond SS25 Crafts

Crafts is the new Spring-Summer ’25 collection by Zsigmond. It is driven and inspired by the Hungarian rural heritage of the designer.
By utilizing artisanal dyes such as the traditional Hungarian blue-dye technique, the reverse dyeing technique of block-printing, tie-dye, and natural plant-dyeing, Zsigmond demonstrates that Hungary possesses a wide palette of artisanal techniques in its history of craftsmanship.
Further accentuated by jacquard weaving, the construction of traditional denim, and intricate garment finishing techniques, the collection represents craftsmanship to its fullest extent. Embodying creativity, perseverance, and Hungarian heritage, Zsigmond collaborates with local artisans to both preserve and continue building the rich history of Hungarian craftsmanship.

Tie-dye by a Hungarian workshop

The tie-dye seen throughout the collection is created by Botanika, a Hungarian workshop founded by Sára Hajgató. She dyes all pieces by hand, only using plants as alternative to modern dyes. The royal blue like tones are achieved by using indigo, the most renowned ingredients for dyeing. The light yellow tones are a result from Reseda, commonly known as weld - whose dyeing properties have been used since the Roman times. 
The glue that binds all the pieces in the collection together is the indigo of the blue-dying techniques, juxtaposed by bright pops of yellow breaking through.

Hungarian traditional blue-dye & REMADE Line

Kept within Hungarian families for generations, the long-established and esteemed profession of  blue-dyeing, mostly disappeared from Hungarian culture during the rapid changes of Communist-era Hungary. The textiles that pre-date this era are therefore scarce in supply, and each piece in ZSIGMOND's REMADE line is unique.
The REMADE initiative by ZSIGMOND embraces the quality and sentiment of these traditional Hungarian 50- to over 100-year-old fabrics sourced from the countryside of Hungary by ZSIGMOND designer Dora and her brother György. The REMADE line by Zsigmond and its materials are significant to today's Hungarian craftsmanship culture, as these traditions were nearly lost during the Communist era. With these initiatives, Zsigmond takes responsibility for her culture by sharing Hungary's traditional craftsmanship with the wider world through her work. 

Up-cycled Silver 

Another unique approach within the collection is ZSIGMOND its sourcing of silver. In contrast to acquiring new material, the silver is up-cycled from old-silver cutlery, crafted by Ádám Menyhért Schwarcz in one of the oldest workshops in Budapest using a traditional casting technology. The designs are a contemporary reinterpretation of the ornate “pityke” buttons of the traditional uniforms of the Hungarian hussars.


ZSIGMOND, founded in 2014 by Dora Zsigmond, draws inspiration from the coarse, eerie landscapes of Hungary. The brand blends industrial silhouettes with handcrafted details, transforming heritage garment-making techniques into visceral contemporary designs. Each piece is eco-consciously and ethically produced in Hungary using organic and recycled fabrics from transparent European manufacturers, including luxury dead stock materials. The brand's mission is to create enduring, timeless garments that honour the past while paving the way for the future.