Our Story

Lucentement is founded by two brothers named Ralph and Oscar Vermande in 2013.

The duo was firstly introduced to artisanal craftsmanship in 2008 and immediately captured by the obscure aesthetic. The growing obsession led to the discovery of more and more offbeat creatives, and a deepened appreciation for the artisan craft.

Today, Lucentement is the leading online platform, build to elevate modern Artisanal fashion.

Our Team

The Founders

The passionate brothers that are continuously seeking for opportunities and concepts to lift today's artisanal fashion landscape, while giving back to the community.

The Editors

Genuinely invested fashion editors that are building the road for you to explore in-depth and elaborative outtakes.

The Creators

A trusted team of professional photo- and videographers, creative directors and models that translate our vision through lenses.


In order to support artisanal craftsmanship, most of our garments are still made by the hands of the artisans. This allows the product to be made according to your measurements.

Delicately Curated

In close cooperation, we develop and curate designer's crafts that are exclusively entitled to us so you won't find them elsewhere.

Slow Fashion

Unlike other shops, it might take longer to receive your items but don't worry! Now you know it's (hand)made especially for you.


If you are a designer, store or other business entity please click here to learn more about our services.