Ziggy Chen, the Chinese fashion designer, made a stunning comeback at the Paris Fashion Week with the showcase of his 23-24 fall-winter collection. Presented, through a runway presentation in an old warehouse attic, this collection was a perfect amalgamation of Ziggy's artisanal aesthetic combined with the eyewear pieces of Rigards.

"Viglumy" symbolizes vigorous inclusion in the collection. This idea of inclusivity was reflected throughout the collection with the designer's use of different techniques and fabrics. The poetic aesthetics of the pieces were showcased in a variety of ways, with the use of new techniques such as tearing effects and unstable wrinkles, which added a distinctive edge to the designs. These techniques were applied in a way that allowed the clothes to look and feel as though they had been worn and loved for many years.

A diverse selection of fabrics was used in the collection. While linen, a material that Ziggy Chen is known for, was extensively used, heavier fabrics such as wool and cotton were also incorporated to create a balanced overall aesthetic. The addition of velvet, a material that hasn't been used in the designer's collection in a while, was an unexpected yet welcome surprise. The prints and pleats on the velvet fabric showcased the unique fuzzy and shiny patterns that the material is known for, creating a visually interesting effect.

The color palette of the collection was mainly subdued, with shades of black, gray, and beige dominating the designs. The designer, however, also experimented with pops of colors such as orange and red, adding a burst of vibrancy to the collection. The use of these colors was tastefully done, without being too overpowering or out of place.

The models fitted the perfect modern artisanal workers aesthetic in terms of look and feel. The pieces were designed in a way that they could be styled interchangeably, making them versatile and functional. The collection had something for everyone, with pieces that could be worn by both men and women.


Photography exclusively for LUCENTEMENT by Ruben Hilkens.