SEYA VOYAGE FW23 "Faroe Islands"

Seya is one of the Artisanal brands that we recently discovered and we are exceptionally excited about it. We discovered Seya when we were visiting our good friends Jan-Jan van Essche and Pietro in their shop Atelier Solarshop. Established by Keiko Seya in 2017, the Paris-based Japanese artisanal label takes inspiration from nature and regions all over the world. The garments themselves caught our attention, due to its relaxed, slightly oversized fit. However, it was their materials, treatments and stories around it that really made the difference.

Brand Ethos

Beyond the visible details in each garment, the brand's ethos is equally compelling. Seya's design philosophy — from the initial sketches, the selection and treatments of materials to the narrative woven into each collection, and this all combined with a thoughtful pricing —reflects a good balance between artisanal quality and accessibility.

Seya's core idea is to break through cultural limits and free people from what society expects of them. Their approach is about more than just clothes; it's about representing a new kind of luxury that values freedom and personal beliefs. And this is something we directly noticed as well when we saw a small selection of their work in person.

About AW23

The Autumn/Winter 2023 collection serves as a testament to the label's artisanal brilliance. The collection draws its inspiration from the simple but inspiring landscapes of the Faroe Islands. The raw elements of this terrain — the fog, the icy rocks, and the resilient Faroese sheep — translate the collection into a palette of natural colors and textures that reflects the island's untouched beauty. As admirers and advocates of natural dyes and textiles ourselves, we are continuously expanding our knowledge, and we have learned a lot about new treatments, techniques and materials due to this collection. Seya's ability to harness the unique characteristics imparted by diverse geographies is a remarkable journey of discovery and appreciation for us.

The Faroe Islands

Noteworthy Materials

The range of materials used by SEYA is diverse and remarkable, as the label showcases a global selection of rich materials, sourced from regions like Zimbabwe, Egypt, the Andes, Australia, Mongolia, Japan, South America, and obviously the Faroe Islands. As incredible as the geographical sourcing is, the complexity of the dyes, treatments and weaving techniques of the materials in SEYA's AW23 are even more noteworthy.

Our highlights of SEYA's textiles include; Zimbabwean cotton, powdered denim, untreated Yak and Camel wool, micro brushed Egyptian cotton and more. Zimbabwe cotton is celebrated for its durability and breathability, used here in a robust denim, and treated with a distinctive vulcanization process to achieve a unique aged sand blue color. They also offer a powdered denim look, and it’s process involves a "ball wash" technique, which distresses the fabric to achieve a vintage aesthetic. Due to the durability of the Zibabwean cotton, they are able to achieve this effect without damaging the material. Yak wool is becoming a staple in luxury artisanal fashion, and Seya presents it in its natural color, finished in a double-faced style that emphasizes softness and sheen. The Egyptian cotton is woven on a rare Egyptian loom and then micro-brushed.

In our view, SEYA's latest collection sets the standard for what an artisanal collection should be about. The brand's unique synthesis of global materials and their sophisticated treatments showcase a true dedication to the craft. The AW23 collection not only appeals to the aesthetic senses of us, but also to the people that seek unparalleled depth, authenticity and unique quality in their wardrobe.


SEYA VoyageSEYA VOYAGE FW23Seya Voyage FW23