An exciting project launched by one of Carol Christian Poell's Interns: This Sculpture is a fragmentary and artistic interpretation of the model AM /2689-IN by the Master Carol Christian Poell.

Captured with a 3D scanner and produced with 3d printing technology, the work aims to find a new approach to capture a moment in time.

3d printed drip sculpture CCP


An essential aspect of the work lies in a special use of the 3D scanner as a "photographic instrument". This decision leads to a photographic view of the object without depicting it. Rather, a new transitory state (between the reality of the object and its digital echo) is created through the recording, which in turn is transferred from digital to real space in the further working process. The result is the outcome of this special transformation of digital fragmentation and plastic re-conception. At the same time, the method offers an approach to archive design, craft and art for future generations.



'We captured the object with a Structure Sensor (3D Scanner) in the sense of a two dimensional photographic view.' The resulting 3 dimensional fragmented body is the base for further artistic and design considerations. By using „KEYSHOT“, the mesh was edited and then printed with an „ULTIMAKER S5“ out of the material PLA. After cleaning the sculpture, it was finely sanded and then coated with acryl. This process was carried out on the hanging object in order to highlight the drips on the sole.

The sculptures were created in an edition of 2 pieces. They are a personal gift and a homage to the label CCP and therefore not for sale. However, the duo. Simon and Aaron they are currently working on further sculptures that will become part of our first collection. These will then be available for purchase.


Aaron Alvin Keller is a german designer who graduated from the Department of Fashion-Design and Technology at the University of Art and Design Linz. Due to getting in contact with craftsmanships such as sculpting, blacksmithing or ceramics at a very early stage in his life, his work is inspired by different materials and their behavior on the human body.

In 2018 he had an internship at the studio of Carol Christian Poell, in Milan. He was involved in the tailoring department, in the archive of the past collections, in the pattern making area and in materials research and coding. The experience gained had a great influence on his further work and his attitude towards fashion. This year Aaron will start an internship at the Studio of Matthias Winkler, in Berlin.

Simon Hochleitner studied Fashion-Design and Technology at the University of Art and Design Linz. Since 2020 he is in the master program „Digital Arts“ at the University of Applied Science Hagenberg. In his work, Simon deals with and change of design and the body, in and through the digital space.

The connection of fashion and technology implies to us a combination and consolidation of skilled manual work and new technologies. We are convinced that the use of technology enables the industry to rethink old systems in order to create a new way of designing fashion.


The duo is currently working on their first own collection, which includes a selection of garments, jewellery, accessories and sculptures. They combine a digital workflow (through which we generate patterns) with unusual production methods, such as the whole-garment weaving. Meanwhile, the human body is the main focus of our work, which is fundamentally defined by the following terms: Attitude, Awareness and Independence.


Simon Hochleitner

Aaron Alvin Keller