Born and raised in Berlin. Ronny Schroder, maker of Esde Bags, grew up living the Berlin dream in the city centre. Fashion trends back in the day were influenced by vintage stores. Ripped skinny jeans and oversized old leather jackets is what Ronny recalls from back then. A period where culture was influenced massively by techno, hardcore and punk in the 90's. 

Craftsmanship has always been running in Ronny's blood. He was building products himself by hand for as long as he can remember. At the age of 14, he built a catamaran out of old wooden pieces. In his 20's, he had a profound passion for Scandinavian fisher knives. He once went to a store to buy a fishers knife, when he found out that the knife costs €2.500, he then decided to craft the blade himself. He read books and did research to blade building. After months of research, he bought the material from a blacksmith and started sculpting knives. From 1 to 5, and from 5 to 10, a passion that starting becoming an addiction. To store the blades in a proper way, he needed to make tailored leather cases. That was the first moment Ronny got introduced to the world of leather.


atelier esde
Growing up in an environment of partying and having the fear of missing out on the nightlife, made Ronny decide to move to Dusseldorf with his wife. With a graduation in marketing and work experience in retail, he started working at a magazine about Indigo Denim and Japanese handmade clothing. His chief was the person that introduced him to Avant Garde fashion and Artisanal designers. He was a profound collector of Paul Harden and this is what Ronny got interested in Artisanal designing.

In 2014, Ronny started ESDE BAGS, where he learned developing bags by reading books and watching Youtube videos. Fast forward to 2020, Ronny has his own atelier in Dusseldorf where he works closely with his apprentice on sculpting handbags.


brass bag esde


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