Jan-Jan Van Essche's latest collection, Project 11: RITE, is a beautiful exploration of the present moment and its power to stimulate creativity. This collection is a journey into the present, with a focus on history and culture that inspires new paths and perspectives. It is a stunning embodiment of the designer's vision and aesthetic, inviting us to experience the universe of Jan-Jan Van Essche and the story of the slow pace of the hand.

With a laid-back elegance, the collection offers a wide range of beautifully crafted garments. The designer has drawn inspiration from history and culture to create a new phase, a new rhythm, and a substantial core of existing styles reinterpreted. The designer looks back and finds strength in the fundamentals, slowly building a future rooted in history. From this transition, a new perception of freedom arises, inspiring a new mood and aesthetic that embraces oversized yet fluid pieces, reminiscent of the 'boubou' and chemise Arabe, and takes the overall mood traveling to distant places.

The collection boasts ample winter coats and capes that envelope the silhouettes in rich yak wools, allowing for layering with loose-fit kimono-inspired suits. Jumpsuits and individual utilitarian elements are added to ground the ephemeral and emphasize the workwear influence in the collection.

A range of tunics and shirts in lightweight wool chiffons and silken winter cottons function as perfect layers to accommodate the various winter temperatures around the world. Chunky knitted sweaters and hand-crocheted beanies in French merino d’Arles linen blend are perfect for colder regions. The Shibori pattern woolen cloths, hand-dyed by skillful masters from Japan, highlight the meticulous resist dye craft, while the Bincho tan -coffee combined with ink- dyed cottons carry a faded sand color, and the fiber-dyed cotton checked fabric radiates saturated hues.

Furthermore, the collection includes waxed garments by Halley Stevensons that add new emotions and sensations to Jan-Jan Van Essche's universe.The handwoven series in the AW23 collection are once again fully handcrafted in the JanJan Van Essche studio by artisan Lamine Diouf. These unique pieces keep on demanding their place in the wardrobe and once again they complement the collection by narrating the story of the slow pace of the hand.

Project 11: RITE is a beautiful collection that speaks to the power of embracing the present moment and looking back to history and culture to inspire creativity and new paths. The collection's unique combination of styles and materials, each with their own story, invites you to experience the Jan-Jan Van Essche universe and the story of the slow pace of the hand. It is an opportunity not to be missed.