Lauren Manoogian Holiday Resort 24

Lauren Manoogian Holiday Resort 24

In the current fashion climate, Lauren Manoogian's label has distinguished itself with a steadfast commitment to artisanal integrity, a journey of 15 years that has seen the label mature swiftly into an established household. But some may overlook that at its heart, Lauren Manoogian is deeply rooted in artisanal tradition. Manoogian’s entire process unfolds in the Peruvian highlands —where Peruvian techniques bring to life the yarns, fabrics, and final garments. It is a testament to her love for artisanal craft, sustainability and material development. 

The Resort 2024 Collection: Textural Interplay and a study in volume and form

Manoogian's Resort 2024 collection, an interlude between her Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer lines, is an exploration of textural diversity and a study in volume and form. Lauren Manoogian shot the entire campaign using manual photo cameras, for the collection video she used 16mm film camera. This choice of medium reflects a desire to connect with the collection's artisanal essence. In a conversation with her partner Chris Fireoved, he articulates this alignment, stating, "We shot everything on a true 16mm camera/film. The tactile nature and the process of using film align perfectly with the sensibilities of our collection." This method imparts a serene, timeless quality to the visual presentation and the usage of 16mm film infuses the collection with a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, as the grainy texture and warm tones of the footage mirror the tactile qualities of the textiles. 

With regards to the looks, Lauren Manoogian continues her exploration of form – the collection includes a sleeveless coat that marries voluminous, boxy shoulders with a refined silhouette, as well as an oversized trench coat with expansive sleeves that taper at the wrist, evoking a kimono-like aesthetic. Beneath these outer layers, Manoogian pairs suits in materials that are both visually textured and soft to the touch. Furthermore, the collection ranges from delicate, airy wools to robust, tactile knits, and from sleek, silk-like materials to more rugged textures. 

Material Mastery and Color Palette

Manoogian’s craft transcends construction; there is a palpable symbiosis between the materials and their form. Her creations are engineered to accentuate the qualities of the textiles she uses, allowing their unique characteristics to shine through the garments. The color palette of the resort collection is an ode to nature's own spectrum, with tones of beige, pistachio green, soft grey, and sand. These are reflected against deeper tones, presenting a darker facet of the brand's aesthetic.








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