Meet Gaspard Hex, the Parisian jewelry artisan

Meet Gaspard Hex, the Parisian jewelry artisan

Gaspard Hex, the Parisian jewelry artisan

Meet Gaspard Hex, a Parisian jewelry artisan renowned for his unique creations crafted with a philosophical approach since 2011. Growing up in the vibrant center of St Germain Des Pres Paris, Gaspard embraced the cultural richness that surrounded him. However, his experience in an elite neighborhood revealed that financial freedom alone does not guarantee genuine connections, unconditional love, or open-mindedness. This realization ignited Gaspard's desire to explore diverse corners of the world, including London's Camden Town and Berlin's Kreuzberg. These journeys taught him the profound truth that inner peace and harmony stem from within, transcending the influence of one's upbringing. Gaspard learned that he can foster peace and harmony wherever he goes and share this wisdom with others.


Gaspard Hex


Becoming a Jewelry artisan

Gaspard Hex found himself back in Paris, crossing paths with Alina Alamorean, a meeting that would shape his artistic journey. It was during this encounter that Gaspard first experienced the profound satisfaction of handcrafting and jewelry making. While acknowledging the multitude of artistic expressions, Gaspard found that the artistry within jewelry resonated with him the most. It provided a medium for integrating his musical inspirations and philosophical ideas, allowing for a truly distinct form of self-expression.

To learn the craft, Gaspard sought guidance from the esteemed jeweler Marc Lauer, where he undertook a three-month course under his tutelage. Learning from a pioneering figure in the jewelry realm, Gaspard embraced an open-minded approach, which empowered him to discover his own distinctive style and methods of handcrafting. Inspired by this transformative experience, Gaspard established his own atelier in 2011, where until this day every piece is fully crafted by his hands via his own unique way of jewelry making. 


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Essence of nature

As a jewelry maker immersed in the artisanal industry, Gaspard Hex prioritizes the uniqueness and embodiment of his pieces, driven by his personal philosophy. Drawing inspiration from nature in its entirety, Gaspard integrates an assortment of diverse stones and pearls into his designs. According to Gaspard, the process of discovering stones is an exciting journey as each one is unique and largely determined by luck. Nature creates these unique gems. He treasures these stones, grateful for their beauty, individuality and properties. Stones represent qualities like calmness and love, while pearls symbolize purity and wisdom. Throughout history, they have been cherished for healing, adornment, and spiritual practices. Gaspard understands this concept and wishes for those who wear his jewelry to feel the energy and enigmatic experience of the stones.


Gaspard Hex


Customization through personal relation

Gaspard passion lies in sitting with you, engaging in conversations, and truly listening to your story. By understanding you and your journey, Gaspard creates customized jewelry pieces that resonate with you on a deeper level. The beauty of Gaspard's approach is that it creates a powerful trifecta of energy. As the wearer, you bring your unique essence and personal narrative. Gaspard, with his attentive ear and artistic expertise, translates your story into a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. And finally, the piece itself becomes a vessel, carrying the energy of your story, the craftsmanship of Gaspard, and the inherent essence of the stones.

When you embark on a journey with Gaspard, you embark on a path of self-expression and connection. The customized and personalized nature of his creations foster a profound relationship between you, Gaspard, and the jewelry piece. It becomes an embodiment of your story, a wearable symbol of your individuality.

We recently had the privilege of experiencing this process. While enjoying a cup of Japanese green tea and talking with Gaspard, an immediate bond existed due to the openness of his personality. This has led to us partnering up with Gaspard to bring you a curated collection of Gaspard Hex artisanal jewelry.

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