As the autumn and winter months approach, Divka is proud to unveil its newest collection - "Marbling". This season's designs showcase Divka's commitment to creating beautiful and innovative clothing that inspires and moves people. At the heart of this collection is the ancient Japanese art of "Suminagashi", which has been incorporated into Divka's unique fabric patterns, creating a sense of spontaneity and improvisation.

One of the distinguishing features of Divka's clothing is its use of three-dimensional cutting. This technique is central to Divka's design philosophy, allowing the brand to create clothes that have a sense of silhouette and dynamism. By focusing on the relationship between the clothing and the body, Divka's designs produce a randomness and improvisation that is unique to the brand's artistry and flair for imagery, cutting, and draping.

Divka believes that creativity is essentially thought, and this philosophy is reflected in every piece of clothing the brand creates. For Divka, the creative process is a way to bring its visions to life and share them with customers around the world. As such, Divka takes great pride in its work and seeks to create clothes that are yet to be known - even by the brand itself.

Since its founding in 2011, Divka has been dedicated to the idea of commutation between the clothes and the people who encounter them over time and space. This dedication has earned Divka recognition and accolades from the fashion world, including being selected as one of the most innovative international 100 brands by NOT JUST A LABEL in 2014.

The designers behind Divka, Takayuki Tanaka and Motoyuki Matsumoto, have impressive credentials and experience in the fashion industry. Tanaka has worked at John Galliano/Christian Dior and Miki Fukai, while Matsumoto has shown his works actively in group exhibitions during his study at Bunka Fashion Graduate University.

Divka's 2023-24 Fall/Winter Collection - "Marbling" - showcases the brand's commitment to creativity, innovation, and beauty. Through its unique use of three-dimensional cutting and incorporation of the ancient Japanese art of "Suminagashi", Divka has created a collection that inspires and moves people. The brand's dedication to its philosophy and the commutation between clothing and people has earned Divka recognition and accolades, and its newest collection is sure to continue this tradition.