Aleksandr Manamïs- FALL WINTER 23

Aleksandr Manamïs- FALL WINTER 23

Aleksandr Manamïs, the fashion designer known for his unique blend of avant-garde and classic styles, has just released his highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

This season, Manamïs drew inspiration from the vibrant colors and patterns of traditional Uzbek textiles, as well as the clean lines and minimalism of Scandinavian design. The resulting collection is a beautiful combination of bold prints and sleek silhouettes, with unexpected pops of color that are sure to turn heads.

A striking piece in the collection is a flowing long overcoat with a dark green hue, classic oil painting prints, and fuzzy technical treatment that makes this coat unique. This jacket is paired with a simple black turtleneck sweater and slimming pants to make the jacket a focal point.

A cream printed shirt paired with a vintage design vest is another standout look, showcasing Manamïs' exquisite design aesthetic with an overall effect that is truly striking.

For those who prefer a low key style, Manamïs has also introduced a range of low key items in neutral tones, including classic black wool jackets and versatile black pants.

In addition to his iconic women's wear design, Manam ï s has also added several men's wear styles to the collection. These include knitted sweaters with comfortable checkerboards and black suits that are neatly cut.

Overall, Manamïs' Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a bold and exciting addition to the fashion world. With its daring prints, rich colors, and impeccable tailoring, it's clear that Manamïs is a designer to watch in the coming seasons.