K'ANG SS25 San Pietrini

K'ANG SS25 San Pietrini

K'ANG SS25 San Pietrini in the Rain

K'ANG's latest collection, "San Pietrini in the Rain" is a blend of historical inspiration and contemporary tailoring. Building on the previous season's "San Pietrini" concept, this collection delves into the functional and aesthetic brilliance of the ancient Roman road stones, San Pietrini. These stones, known for their intricate mosaic patterns and practical water-draining properties, serve as the cornerstone of K'ANG’s innovative designs.

K'ANG his connection to the concept of San Pietrini is deeply personal. His father, a professor, often brought San Pietrini stones back to Korea from his travels to Rome. K'ANG's encounters with these stones in Rome, admiring their irregular shapes and the mosaics they form, inspired him to research the concept for the previous winter and current summer collection. 

Last season’s collection focussed on the visual effect from the mosaic patterns of San Pietrini. This season, K'ANG takes the concept a step further by exploring the functional aspects of these stones, integrating water-repellent fabrics into his creations. The result is a collection that both appeals visually and practically, and adapting at handling inclement weather, thanks to the use of water-repellent coatings on his fabrics.

Collection Highlights

Mosaic Suit

At the heart of the collection, the Mosaic Suits features a unique combination of water-repellent base fabric and non-repellent patches. The suits not only protects from rain but also showcases the intricate mosaic aesthetic of San Pietrini. The construction involves patching pre-prepared panels, exemplifying the collection’s blend of form and function. The Mosaic suits are available with and without patchwork.


Raincoat Cape

This tailored cape combines elegance and utility, designed to protect the wearer from rain while maintaining a sophisticated silhouette. Made from Italian cotton and coated for water repellency, it retains the shape of a tailored jacket with raglan sleeves and defined shoulders.


Reversible Panel Jacket

This innovative jacket allows for extensive customization, with fully detachable and reversible panels. Wearers can switch panels to create dual-tone effects or wear it completely reversible, offering a new experience to tailoring.


Proper Raincoat

The fully reversible raincoat is a versatile garment, boasting a playful raincoat pattern on one side and a formal jacket design on the other. The ingenuity lies in the patternwork: unlike typical reversible garments where both sides look similar, K'ANG has crafted two distinct patterns within one piece. This approach to reversibility is sometimes seen in oversized streetwear garments due to the easier patternwork, but K'ANG demonstrates that it can also be achieved in tailored designs. 

San Pietrini Checkered Suit

Developed in collaboration with an Italian manufacturer, this material features a unique San Pietrini checkered pattern. Inspired by Sashiko stitching, the fabric symbolizes the collection’s historical roots.


K'ANG’s Vision and Design Philosophy

K'ANG’s strength lies in his tailoring, honed through 10 years of experiences with Deepti and Maurizio Amadei. While he is known for his hard tailoring, he finds joy in the challenge of soft tailoring, which is evident in this collection. Balancing classical pieces with new additions each season, K'ANG’s designs consistently explore the duality of wide and slim aesthetics, and hard and soft tailoring.

The collection’s materials and colors are always chosen to align with the concept. K'ANG’s research process guides these choices, ensuring that every piece resonates with the season’s theme. This season’s use of checks and dual-tone pieces perfectly complements the San Pietrini inspiration.

Customization, fabrics and production

K'ANG offers extensive customization options, allowing clients to choose coatings, tailoring styles, and more. Sourcing fabrics from Japan and Italy, the collection features natural fibers like hemp, linen, cotton, and silk. Production takes place in Veneto, Italy, renowned for its craftsmanship in coats, jackets, and leather goods.