Lucentement brothers



Lucentement is founded by two brothers named Ralph and Oscar Vermande in 2013. The brothers started Lucentement to help Avant-Garde designers get more exposure via social media channels. 

Lucentement strives to become the most trusted storytelling platform within the Avant-Garde Niche. With the necessity to protect and at the same time credit this niche for its incredible influence on the fashion industry, Lucentement's vision is to express Avant-Garde fashion and designers online in the most righteous way possible.

'It’s extremely important to us to provide a physical storytelling experience to everyone that interacts with our collaborations, content and products.' - Oscar


Our Online Boutique has an exclusive variety of selected designers, Lucentement products and collaboration items. By purchasing a product from us, you enable us to keep providing you with exclusive content.

'Real Craftsmanship is not on sale, the endless years of profound research and sophistication that is put into our art pieces cannot be compromised. The items grow with you as individual, and will last a lifetime.' - Ralph


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: info@lucentement.com