In 2011, m.a+ by Maurizio Amadei celebrated its 5th year anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its journey of creating handcrafted, high-quality garments. To commemorate this special occasion, m.a+ by Maurizio Amadei decided to offer its clients a personalized experience. 

The team reached out to its most valued customers and invited them to choose 5 pieces from the Archive to create a complete look. These selected garments were then sent to the shops in white leather suitcases, where clients could customize their orders with exclusive fabrics, stitchings, and other details.

Materials and traditional techniques were used to create the garments at m.a+'s atelier in Rome. Each piece was signed with a unique code in Roman Numerals that marked the brand's 5th anniversary, the store, and its number.

Several old patterns were brought back to life for the 5th anniversary of m.a+ by the opening of the m.a+ Archive. Among these was Maurizio's first leather trousers, which held a special place in the brand's history. These trousers were made by hand by Maurizio when he was 18 years old and were brought back for the 5th year anniversary, never to be recreated again.

In conclusion, the 5th year anniversary of m.a+ celebrated the brand's heritage and its unwavering commitment to crafting handcrafted garments for its customers. The personalized collection and the opening of the Archive marked a significant moment in the brand's history and solidified its position as a leader in the avant-garde fashion industry.


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