Before we started our collaboration with James Kearns, we became good friends when meeting in Paris. The idea that was created, was supposed to be an Art project only. This, merely because the entire company is operated by James Kearns himself. However, the prototypes looked so promising that we decided to expand the project and make the shoes available for others.

Meet James Kearns, a self-taught artisan, has a great passion for expressing his vision and personality through crafting shoes. Therefore, he is absolutely determined to craft every shoe by his own hands. 

In 2012, he launched his first collection, existing of a 3 variations of his 10hole sneakers. After this, he started experimenting with low tops, boots and slip ons.

The selection of leather is carefully done to expose the natural marks and blemishes. Post treatments like washing and painting are often not required because of this pre-selection.

As James would say himself;  'Staying true to providing hand crafted bespoke footwear, there is nothing that brings more joy than seeing my creations across the world.'