Enfin Levé Collection XVI

Enfin Levé Collection XVI

Enfin Levé continues to bring avant-garde techwear to the next level with its latest collection

It’s impossible to mention avant-garde techwear without thinking of Enfin Levé. A Berlin-based label that focuses on “experimental made to order garments with technical solutions”, material innovation has always been at their core, and their latest collection — dubbed Collection XVI — continues their innovative path.

Enfin Levé Collection XVI

Described as a “performance-oriented creative expression inviting to further explore raw, experimental aesthetics”, the pieces in the collection strike the right balance between form and functionality. On one hand, there’s the innovative, technical side that’s designed to push the limits of regular clothing (implemented through their materials and techniques), and on the other, the silhouettes that are made for the everyday life.

Enfin Levé has partnered up with some of the most advanced manufacturers from Switzerland, USA and Italy to produce a wide range of fabrics. One of the highlights for Collection XVI is the Graphene-infused garments — a smart textile which can lower the body temperature of the wearer in hot climates. Aside from that, the brand also explored with new dye experiments and fabric processing techniques to amp up their weatherproof pieces, find in their silhouettes and textures.

Some of their most iconic separates include the Noragi — a traditional Japanese garment worn by farmers — which was reinvented into a reversible bomber jacket with waterproof Stotz Etaproof® fabric on one side and metal shell fabric and net on the other; the Itzala adjustable coat that’s available in an array of fabrics (you can take your pick according to your needs); the silver-plated parka that will oxidise overtime; and the aluminium jacket that will radiate different shine under different lightings.

When it comes to functionality, Enfin Leve dedicated a significant amount of time and effort in researching and deconstructing protective garments, from motorcycle suits and pilot vests to mountaineering equipment and combat uniforms, before reimagining and infusing them into everyday wear.

Continuation of Jewellery collaboration with Gone Archive

For collection XVI, Enfin Levé has also continued their ongoing collaboration with Poland-based artisan jewellery label Gone Archive on an array of handmade-to-order jewellery created by Polish artisan DNYGW. Crafted from precious metal allows including sterling silver, 14k yellow or white gold, the pieces are contemporary yet rough and primitive — the perfect accessories to add to your closet.

About Enfin Levé

Enfin Levé is an avant-garde techwear label that’s founded by Michal, a Polish designer who’s based in Berlin. Known for their technical approach while continuing to champion functionality, the label bridges the gap between artisanal & techwear and brings innovative garments for men and woman.

From silver-plated coats that will oxidise beautifully over time and aluminium pieces that shine differently under different light, to graphene-infused garments that lower the body temperature of its wearer and technical fabrics that are water repellent, innovation plays a big part in their designs without forgetting functionality.

The silhouettes are an elevation of your everyday pieces, but to fully tailor to each client’s needs, the brand allows customisation, whether it’s picking the fabrics to opting for a custom length. Every single piece are made-to-order in Poland and Germany with un compromised attention to details.