Enfin Levé Collection XVII

Enfin Levé Collection XVII

Enfin Leve continues to build a progressive empire of Artisanal Techwear and seems to be leading the pack from a functionalist perspective. When talking with Michal, founder and designer of Enfin Leve, he mentions that technology and innovation is what gets him excited. And yet again, for their upcoming SS23 collection dubbed “Collection XVII”, Enfin Leve continues to level up its innovation in multiple facets of their garment creation.

Enfin Levé Collection XVII

Focusing on experimental Made-to order-garments, Collection VXII can be described as a creative expression of performance focused garments that conquers the challenges normal clothing brings. With this, Enfin Leve strives to find the sweet spot between form and functional garments. 

Innovation of functionality is exploited from both a design and material perspective. Their signature garments – like the Noragi, Blazers, and vests – have been revisited with entirely new cuts to maximize its range of movement. Furthermore, they deconstructed protective garments – like motorcycle suits, combat uniforms and mountaineering equipment – to utilize their most effective proponents and reimagine them in the items of Collection XVII. This is an answer to the need and challenges of modern urban life and ties in well with the increasing bicycle traffic that we are seeing in urban cities such as Berlin, Paris and London. 

From a material point of view, Enfin Levé has yet again partnered up with some of the most advanced manufacturers from Switzerland, USA and Italy to produce a wide range of functional fabrics. One of the highlights from his previous collection dubbed “Collection XVI” were the Graphene-infused garments. Which was a smart textile that could lower the body temperature of the wearer in hot climates. 

Moving in a similar direction for this season, Enfin Leve adds new interesting materials and dyes to its unique portfolio due to its latest partnership with Faliero Sarti. The Areso Blazer & Sinetsi long shirt are crafted in a cotton/metal blend by Faliero Sarti, which portrays a rust appearance and oxidizes overtime. Furthermore, the Egin Kimono Dress, which is our favorite piece of the collection, is crafted in an ultra-soft linen blend. 

Elsewhere in the mix, their weatherproof material named Stotz Etaproof, has been reworked as well with two new dyes. A Sage dye – which is an earthy color with black overdye – and a Burnt Mahogany dye – which is a deep red color darkened with black overdye. An important note regarding their dyeing processes is that all garments are garment-dyed by hand. This essentially means that the garments are constructed first and dyed afterwards. 

It’s impossible to mention the new women’s collection of Enfin Leve. Although, women’s wear isn’t a new addition, the complete women's aesthetic got rescripted and extended with new garments. 

About Enfin Levé

Enfin Levé is an avant-garde techwear label that’s founded by Michal, a Polish designer who’s based in Berlin. Known for their technical approach while continuing to champion functionality, the label bridges the gap between artisanal & techwear and brings innovative garments for men and women.

From silver-plated coats that will oxidise beautifully over time and aluminium pieces that shine differently under different light, to graphene-infused garments that lower the body temperature of its wearer and technical fabrics that are water repellent, innovation plays a big part in their designs without forgetting functionality.

The silhouettes are an elevation of your everyday pieces, but to fully tailor to each client’s needs, the brand allows customisation, whether it’s picking the fabrics or opting for a custom length. Every single piece is made-to-order in Poland and Germany with un-compromised attention to details.